My Lego collection

I have gathered a decent sized Lego part collection during the last 5 years I’ve been making Lego Technic videos on YouTube. Here is a photo of my entire part collection, in plastic containers, as on August 2022.

I usually disassemble the builds after I’ve finished filming a video. That way I can reuse parts. But some builds have been left alone. Here is a collection of my Lego builds, many of them missing battery boxes, motors, or other parts.

From top left: inverted pendulum, submarine 4.0, submarine 3.0, submarine 2.0, hoist, mechanical press, vacuum pump, string launcher, drill, gravity light, obstacle car, drone, gun, tank.

I buy parts individually (not in sets) from I’ve done over 80 orders on the site. No complaints, I’ve always received everything I ordered in 1-3 weeks. Only one time there was a problem with the post office returning the package to the seller, but after he sent it again, it got through successfully.

Sometimes rarely I buy Lego sets as well. Usually it is because I need a specific part quickly, so I go to a local store and grab a Lego set that contains the part. I’ve also bought a Lego Mindstorms EV3 31313 set for the motors it has.

The total amount of money I’ve spent for Lego parts is 7600 EUR. I don’t know how you feel, but to me that is very little, considering the 63 videos I’ve done with them. I’ve spent twice that amount on filming equipment.

Next I’ll go through all the containers.


I have a lot of gears, most of them bought for the Googol video that demonstrated a very long gear train of gear reductions.

Here is another container filled with unopened bags of gears, turntables, see-through gearboxes (part id 6588), old Expert builder gears from the 1970s, and some other random stuff.

Gearbox parts

Here are parts for making gearboxes and differentials. I’ve used them in only one video.

Axles and bushes

All kinds of axles in a container.

The ones I need most are the longest 16L black axles. Those cost 2 euros a piece on average on BrickLink. Because they are so expensive, I once bought a lot of them from a seller that sold them cheap. Later I noticed that Lego bushes don’t stay on them as well as all the other axles. I guess they were some Chinese copies.

I keep bushes in a separate little container.


Two containers for all kinds of connector parts.


Pin box is needed very often during builds.

Motors and battery boxes

I have many Power Functions motors: M, L and XL types. I also have two Buggy motors (5292), a few EV3 motors and a few old motors. Not all of them are in this photo, as a lot of them are attached to the old builds.

EV3 parts, sensors and motors, mostly from the mindstorms set I bought, are in a separate box.

Battery boxes, wires and SBrick units are in a separate container. I have three rechargeable battery boxes (8878) that were quite expensive, over 100 EUR a piece. Nowadays I almost always use the rechargeable battery boxes to save me from buying AA batteries.

Technic bricks

One big box for Technic bricks (bricks with axle holes in them). Mostly red, as that is my YouTube channel’s brand color.

Another box for the longest 16L bricks and 15L liftarms.


Liftarms are divided into two containers, red color and other colors.

Bricks and plates

Lego bricks and plates are in separate boxes.

Small plates (width 1 unit) and tiles are in a different box to help finding them.


I have a lot of Lego engine cylinders, pistons, rods, crankshafts etc. I build a variety of different engines with them in two videos (video1, video2).


I don’t use Lego minifigures often in my videos, but when I do, I have a small collection to choose from. I’ve bought them from BrickLink just based on what looks interesting. I tend to like simple facial expressions that are common in the old minifigs.

For the tank video I needed soldiers and guns, but Lego doesn’t seem to manufacture those. So I bought an unofficial Lego-compatible set of soldiers from China. They are in a separate box.


One container for propellers. Many of these have never been used in videos. I’ve collected them if I sometime want to do a propeller thrust test in water or something.


Lego pneumatic parts.

Springs and other stuff

Scrappy box for springs, linear actuators, soccer balls, non-Lego metal parts, etc.

Pulley wheels

Don’t know why I keep pulley wheels in a separate box.

Steering parts

Parts for steering Lego cars: steering arms, wheel hubs, tow balls, etc.

Tracks and chain links

Tracks, sprocket wheels and chain links.


I have over 40 different types of Lego wheels, at least 4 pieces for each. They consume three of the largest containers I have.

I’m quite proud of my wheel collection and try to fill it whenever I buy stuff from BrickLink.

Two wheels I like the most. 32020c01 since it won the grip test I did and 56145c01 since it is an overall good small wheel that is readily available and cheap.

Boat hulls

I have about 10 different Lego boat hulls. Only used in one video.

Other parts

A scrap box for other random parts.

Broken parts

A special container for all the parts that were broken during experiments. Here is a compilation video of some of those breaking moments.

That’s all. I consider my Lego collection to be very small compared to many other Lego fans and youtubers who have shown their huge collections. It is small but enough for my purposes in making Lego Technic videos. Any questions? Comment below.

5 thoughts on “My Lego collection

  1. DK

    Awesome collection! Propeller thrust test in water sounds very cool. Also there must be a cool experiment to use some of those springs…


  2. phuzz

    You probably already know this, but for anyone who hasn’t heard this fact before: Lego is the largest tire manufacturer in the world (in terms of number of tires made).


  3. Artem

    your collection of lego the best and im want this collection but we have enough money to buy this, and you video (Testing Lego gear systems for hoisting) can up me (my weight: 40-30 kg) your be max 50+ kg



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