Frequently Asked Questions

Where do you buy your Lego from? It is the largest online Lego marketplace. Sometimes rarely I go to a local store and buy a Lego set, but most often I buy parts individually from BrickLink.

Which Lego set should I buy to start building what you do?

That is a difficult question. I don’t think there are good basic Lego Technic sets available. One expensive option is to buy the Liebherr Excavator set 42100. That is the biggest Technic set available at the moment and it contains 7 motors.

Can you give me the building instructions?

I only have instructions for the 20 mechanical principles machine.

Can you give me a list of parts?

Look at the video description field in YouTube. There may be a list of parts. If not, you may ask if I have time to create the list (probably not). The Submarine 4.0 parts are listed in this blog post.

Can I buy your creations?

My creations are not for sale, with one exception: the 20 mechanical principles machine is available at BuildaMOC.

I see Finnish products in your videos. Are you from Finland?

Yes, I live in Finland. Kyllä, olen suomalainen ja osaan puhua suomea.

How big is your Lego collection?

I would say it is a medium sized collection. I’ve spent 8000 EUR to buy all the parts. You can see images of it here.

What camera do you use?

My main camera is Sony AX43, but I have 10 cameras for different purposes. See them here.

Are you a mechanical engineer?

No, I’m a software engineer. I don’t have any specific education in mechanical engineering, even though my videos often contain various mechanisms.

Can you tell a little bit about yourself?

Sure. I’m a middle-aged guy from Finland. I have worked over 10 years as a software engineer. I love physics, engineering and visual arts, and those are the reasons is why I keep creating these Lego Technic videos. Plus the ad revenue.

Why don’t you talk in your videos?

The videos are better without me talking, I think.

What is the point?

Yeah, I get that same feeling watching some of my videos. Like there should be some grand plan involved, a big final build. Or maybe the point is to educate people. But no, there is no point. It is just entertainment. Spinning Lego wheels for the sake of it.

How do you connect PS4 controller to Lego motors?

You use an SBrick or BuWizz unit, and BrickController 2 app. The app will relay PS4 controller buttons to the SBrick/BuWizz unit, which will drive the Lego motors.

Can I post your videos to Facebook/Instagram/TikTok/LinkedIn/any other social media?


Someone is stealing your videos. Do you want me to send you links?

Yes please, if they are popular (more than 1 million views). Then I’ll make copyright reports.

3 thoughts on “Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Rosario

    Hi from Italy.I’m very fond of lego creations realized in this channel, above all “Making a Drone with Lego Motors and Propellers”.
    I have got all the part you indicated in your video , but i need some explanations on how to load the software on the flight controller Matek f411-mini and if it is the “Betaflight settings diff” listed below your youtube posted video.
    Moreover I need some explanations on how to power the 4 L lego motors, that is the link on the breadboard that is not clear.
    In the end, I need to understand how to link the lego parts to gears,motors and the lego structure.
    Best thanks and regards from Rosario

    Hope to hear from you soon, if possible by email


  2. ThisIsAGenericName

    Can you make a video on making a vehicule pass a obstacle past a certain time limit? I think it would add a nice challenge (and creativity) if you do it without wheels. Like launching it, spinning a axle and stick to move it forward, or making it idk hop lol.


  3. Anonymous

    Hello! I just wanted to let you know there is a creator on YouTube that is uploading your content as their own. They appear to also be uploading that footage as their own under the name @be.maker on TikTok. I hope you are able to resolve this since I’m sure you don’t want someone stealing your footage and claiming it as their own.



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